Full Stack Web Programmer (Balkaneum)

Full Stack Web Programmer (Balkaneum)

Seize the opportunity to grant to the world what it needs as we push forward the work of our partners and friends to the public spot light. Our product tends to transform everything, because of crypto-currencies and blockchain technology we use. We are proud to work and build better things for global market and local community, here in Belgrade, Serbia.

This job is for you if:

  • You love to design database models interfacing with your APIs that manipulate data for desirable user interaction through websites and web applications,
  • You are eager to prove that your application works – after you code it, you test it,
  • You are proud of you planning and organizing skills – you like to organize your coding tasks prior to executing them,
  • When you’ve finished your part, you are willing to collaborate with the front end team to understand the interfaces so that they have ease of integration with Front-End Backend,
  • You understand that the internet can sometimes be a hostile environment and you take considerations for security when it is necessary to expose your interfaces to other applications.

Skills that can help you be the best on this job:

  • If you have not been building backend systems for websites for two+ years then this position is not for you,
  • Your language of a choice is JavaScript and you can create flows between Redux and your API so that the Front End Developer can integrate it with ease,
  • Obviously, you’re already great friends with Node.js,
  • Communicating with others is definitely important for completing your tasks, so you are comfortable with providing your insights during team discussions and planning new applications,
  • You are familiar with and can utilize Git for version control and code sharing among your team-mates,
  • You are capable of deploying your web application with Nginx reverse proxy and enable caching on your own as well as a load balancing strategy to handle global concurrent usage,
  • Your code is as good as your Serbian, yet you at least get by with your English. If passes, passes.

If you join us, there is:

  • Private Health Care
  • Bonuses throughout the year
  • Competitive Salary
  • Gym Membership
  • Phenomenal team to start with 🙂

Office Located in Belgrade City Center

A friendly working environment with dedicated assistance through the work day. We love diversity and we are an equal opportunity employer. So, are you up for the challenge?

Shine alongside us.

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