Systems Software Developer (Balkaneum)

Systems Software Developer (Balkaneum)

Seize the opportunity to grant to the world what it needs as we push forward the work of our partners and friends to the public spot light. This is transforming everything because of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. We are proudly working in Belgrade, Serbia.

This job is for you if:

  • On a regular basis you build modules and libraries that support any range of projects from websites to blockchain applications. You appreciate your role for being the glue in between various systems,
  • You are curious about source code and find yourself perusing Github to learn efficient ways to apply the language for producing your next systems or perfecting your existing ones,
  • Working low level next to the metal by optimizing your software is your pleasure. Squeezing out milliseconds of performance is what keeps you going each day,
  • You’ve heard of Bitcoin and the Blockchain and you want to learn more and get involved as a designer and innovator,
  • If you were asked to build a public facing API to secure system you’re up for the challenge of protecting the server, its database, and hardware from outside attackers or accidental misuse,
  • You document, produce, and test your code. You know what it means to eat spaghetti, and not code spaghetti.

Skills you need to carry out this job:

  • If you do not have at least 2 years of experience building scalable software in GoLang, Rust, or C++ then this job is not for you,
  • You have acquired a mastery of the libraries of your respective language of choice with regards to: cryptography, networking, and of course the standard library,
  • You are familiar with and utilize Git for version control and code sharing among your team mates,
  • Communicating with others is definitely important for completing your tasks, so you provide your own insights in team discussions when planning new applications.
  • You are eager to communicate how your system is deployed within the other applications that will interact with your system,
  • Your code is as good as your Serbian, yet you get by with your English. If passes, passes,
  • You’ve tried Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency: you know what is a private key, and public key; at least after reading this description you went and researched it: that’s a great sign already.

Benefits to you:

  • Private Health Care
  • Bonuses throughout the year
  • Competitive Salary
  • Gym Membership
  • Office Located in Belgrade City Center
  • A friendly working environment with what you should expect plus dedicated assistance through the work day.

We love diversity. We are an equal opportunity employer.

This job IS NOT to clean up an old mess. You are building the new future.

Shine alongside us.

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