Senior Android Developer (Codecacao)

We have some more hot projects and we need more passionate developers in our team to bring it to life!

You will:

  • work on high-profile mobile gamified apps with millions of downloads
  • contribute to new ideas for apps, projects or simply new, better development practices
  • closely work with our partners in Helsinki and occasionally experience the charm of this active city

Still considering? Maybe a sign-in bonus of 2.000 EUR shows you that we seriously want you in our team ASAP.


To start with, you should be able to proactively communicate with project stakeholders about potential issues and assertively engage in discussions with colleagues to determine the best course of action. Of course, your skills and previous experience should show that you are:

  • familiar with new APIs and concepts introduced in Java 7 and 8
  • familiar with standard OOP design patterns and their usage
  • using dependency management tools, Gradle (Groovy) at a minimum, and optionally Gradle Script Kotlin
  • capable of clearly structuring and separating code, i.e. no god activities, god singleton managers, etc.
  • familiar with MV* design patterns (MVC, MVVM, MVI, MVP, etc.)
  • familiar with the Android SDK and general Android development tools
  • knowledgeable about the Android SDK changes and limitations between different versions
  • familiar with, or at least knowledgeable about, at least a single library or solution in each of the categories:
    • REST APIs (Retrofit, etc.)
    • HTTP (OkHttp, Volley, etc.)
    • dependency injection (Dagger, Kodein, Koin, Reader monad, Cake pattern, etc.)
    • ORM (Room, Realm, DbFlow, ObjectBox, etc.)
    • image management (Glide, Picasso, etc.)
    • JSON (Moshi, Gson, Jackson, etc.)

Preferable but not prerequisite:

  • working experience using Scrum and Kanban methodologies
  • experience in working with Unix/Linux platforms (SSH, filesystem, rsync, git cli, ..)
  • knowledge of using CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, or other)
  • experience in using automated code quality tools like SonarQube or equivalent
  • experience in working with project management and collaboration tools (Jira, Podio, Trello, or equivalent)

You’ve already heard about our extremely successful esports start-up (, right? Well, more projects are on our table. If you can cope with Senior Android Developer position expectations, join us!  Get in touch with your resume and portfolio at Interviews are already in progress.