Junior Developer - Neuralab

Junior Developer (Neuralab)

If you want to learn, experiment and produce web applications, Neuralab is a right fit as we are seeking a junior developer team member for our Zagreb office.

Development team is responsible for full-stack application production on LAMP, HTML, CSS and JS. All projects are processed through Git, so basic knowledge of these practices is highly appreciated. You will also be in a position to actively participate in the development community by writing case studies, developing custom integrations or joining community events (like the current WordCamp in MSU, Zagreb and Smashing Conference in New York). Experimental projects are based on same production technologies, but with a twist of Node, AWS Microservices, WebGL, service workers etc. Watch one of the experiments we did for HBO’s Game of Thrones…

Molimo da prihvatite sve kolačiće kako biste mogli vidjeti ovaj sadržaj

Most of all, web development job is a learning experience as you will have one mentor and several team members, helping you along on the way of building highly interactive applications.

What can you expect from working at Neuralab?

  • Working hours: 40 hours per week, Saturdays & Sundays are non-working days
  • Dev environment: Atom, Visual studio, Code Anywhere, Clustered Windows/Linux servers and clustered databases, Git/BitBucket/GitHub, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Rackspace, JIRA, Zendesk, Lynda, Treehouse and of course… Pen & Paper;
  • Type of contract: Full employment, unlimited time, paid testing period of 6 months.
  • Production location: One of the best places in Europe > Zagreb, Croatia (Remote work is possible);
  • Paycheck: Accordingly to your level of knowledge and expertise + bonuses based on a team’s performance;
  • Type of work: large scale eCommerce applications, progressive web apps, highly interactive web portals, mobile-first web apps, working on experimental projects (3D web apps, microservices, chatbots, JS only apps…), trying out new languages and methods, writing for dev portals, team trips to conferences and workshops.

Job requirements

  • Formal education: College degrees are good to have, but not obligatory;
  • Working experience: 1 year of commercial coding experience, although it helps if you have additional exposure to non-coding real life projects (student organization, summer part-time gigs or freelance work);
  • Development knowledge: Good PHP, HTML, CSS and JS knowledge. It’s a bonus if you know SQL (MariaDB), GULP/GRUNT or LESS/SCSS, but we don’t expect a senior level expertise
  • Communication proficiency: Ability to effectively communicate your engineering ideas, exquisite listening skills for getting feedback & design ideas, excellent English skills (both written and spoken), and great “overall” team communication skills.

How to get a Junior Dev job at Neuralab?

  1. If you have a piece of your code that you’re particularly proud of, upload it to GitHub on a public repo. It needs to be your own code (WP theme, WP plugin, snippet, library, class, helper functions… anything goes).
  2. Send us your CV, cover letter and a GitHub repo link via application form below.
  3. If everything looks good on paper and screen, we will invite you to get to know us and to meet the team.

Deadline is 30th of June 2017 (Friday). Good luck!