Customer and Activation Manager - GoooShop

Customer and Activation Manager (GoooShop)

At this moment, GoooShop is in its final phase of testing in Croatia before global release. It has active users and clients, which are leading companies in a tobacco industry and is also a part of StartLabs Ventures, a US based fund from San Francisco.

gooo_shop_mainGoooShop is looking for somebody to:

  • Manage online and offline promotional activities in Croatia
  • Create and manage user activation and engagement using tools in GoooShop professional software

Essential skills

  • Paid social media advertising experience (FB, AdWords, SEO)
  • Sales skills
  • A mix of creativity and analytical abilities
  • Good copy and visual storytelling abilities
  • A likable personality
  • Listening skills
  • Agility and brevity
  • Basic design skills
  • Network in startup community in Croatia
  • Conformity to work with tobacco products

What we offer

  • Three months of paid practice
  • Associate contract based on self-employment basic
  • Meaningful equity vesting option
  • 100% flexible working time
  • All necessary technical equipment and other perks
  • All necessary trainings