Back End Developer

Back End Developer (OBAI d.o.o.)

We are looking for a person that encompasses all things data related. As our technology team is still relatively small, we are a great fit for all those who have the will and the desire to develop quickly and take the initiative in an ambitious environment.

Core expectations

  • Excellent knowledge of relational databases, SQL and ORM technologies
  • Good understanding of data modelling for both transactional and analytical layers
  • Knowledge of backend logic engineering frameworks: Spring, Node (expertise in at least one)
  • REST API knowledge, disciplined Swagger documentation
  • GraphQL knowledge is a plus, but not a must: running Hasura is enough
  • Curiosity about the solution architecture and performance optimization through caching and/streaming technologies such as Kafka, Redis, Apollo

Additional, complementary data related skills, in descending order of importance:

  • data integration skills (basically, ability to construct incremental load scripts based on CDC logic)
  • data visualization backend (ability to convert 3NF to into structures that support visualization)
  • data engineering, feature engineering for data science and machine learning (ability to create flat structures such as, one record per customer aggregates, longitudinal data marts, similar)

We compensate for additional, complementary skills or train you in them if you have interest to develop them. We do so for the following reasons (if you share these opinions, so much better): 

  • we are a small firm, cannot afford deep specialists at each stack component (yet)
  • there will be idle moments between sprints: we use idle moments as learning opportunities 
  • we believe in T-shaped skillset (deep knowledge of one domain, with lateral movement)

Selection process:

  • 60 minute screening call with technical engineer, including review of the code you are the most proudest of (from your GitHub, or side project)
  • 30 minute call with the founders

What to expect: 

  • above the market monetary compensation
  • freedom and openness

What not to expect:

  • ping pong tables, 
  • lazy bags,
  • free coffee, 
  • free croissants,
  • free beer

Who are we? 

OBAI is a startup company in the field of accounting, built from developers and IT management consultants. We are developing financial management software, trying the simplify complicated back and mid-office processes with the use of good data structures, integrated modules and beautiful user interfaces. 

We are located in Savska 32, Zagreb – Hoto Tower with flexible working hours and remote work option. We provide the opportunity to work on our latest projects and active participation in all phases of the project, from working on the solution architecture, through implementation and finally, end-client delivery.

If interested, please send us your resume on

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