10 Damn Reasons You’re Coming to RockPaperStartups

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1 Headliners You can Grab a Beer With

  • Daniel Burka

    Daniel Burka

    Design Rockstar at Google Ventures

    Creative director of the Legendary Digg.com US
  • Tak Lo

    Tak Lo

    Lead Singer Program Manager, Techstars

    Techstars helps startup teams on both sides of the Atlantic USA
  • Jared Goralnick

    Jared Goralnick

    Rockstar Founder at Awayfind

    Founder of Awayfind and rockstar 500 Startups mentor US
  • Carlos Eduardo Espinal

    Carlos Eduardo Espinal

    Lead Acoustic Guitar Partner at Seedcamp

    Europe’s Top Startup Accelerator according to Techcrunch UK
  • Maxim Gurvitz

    Maxim Gurvitz

    Startup groupie Investor at Eleven

    Co-foundedstartup Regeldit.nl in Amsterdam, now looks for great regional startups. Bulgaria
  • Goran Duškić

    Goran Duškić

    Co-founder of WhoAPI

    Changing the domaining platform world Croatia
  • Alejandro Barrera

    Alejandro “Alex” Barrera

    Rockstar Startup Mentor

    Founder of Press42, Co-Founded Teutan Valley Spain
  • Robin Wauters

    Robin Wauters

    European Editor at The Next Web

    Blogging about Startups is a Must for Him Belgium
  • Viktor Marohnić

    Viktor Marohnić

    Founder of ShoutEm

    The Most Stubborn Startup in Southeastern Europe Croatia / US
  • Corrado Tomassoni

    Corrado Tomassoni

    Head of EMEA Developer Network, Paypal

    Helping Paypal help developers rock! UK
  • Emma Page

    Emma Page

    Business Accounts Manager for EMEA, Evernote

    All around productivity is easier with Evernote UK
  • Bogdan Iordache

    Bogdan Iordache

    Founder of How to Web

  • Vukašin Stojkov

    Vukašin Stojkov

    Co-founder of SEEICT and TruckTrack

  • Ivan Brezak Brkan

    Ivan Brezak Brkan

    Founder of Netokracija/Netocratic and your host

  • Alex Hunter

    Alex Hunter

    CEO of rockin' music ecosystem startup Rushmore.fm

    Serves as Global Head of Online Marketing for Richard Branson's Virgin Group UK
  • Jugoslav Petković

    Jugoslav Petković

    An Awesome Angel Investor

    Founded Mimovrste, one of the Most Successful Regional Ecommerce Companies Slovenia
  • Boris Krstović

    Boris Krstović

    Founder of Newscurve and Vivvo

    First large Serbian tech startup exit! Serbia
  • Kelly Hook

    Kelly Hook

    Head of PR, Prezi

    Redefining public relations in the startup world US
  • Jure Mikuž

    Jure Mikuž

    Managing Director, RSG Capital

    Investing in southeastern European startups like a Pro Slovenia
  • Daniel Ackermann

    Daniel Ackermann

    Co-founder & CEO, iStudio

    The largest social media agency in Southeastern Europe Croatia

2 What Kind of Startup Conference Starts at 12am?!

Don’t be fooled. We’re not your mentor’s startup conference. RockPaperStartups will not only be awesome - it will be fun as the best rock concert you’ve been to! The program starts a bit later each day so you can sleep in, have breakfast, enjoy the sun and maybe even have an early swim. It also goes on later after which we have not just our own late night afterparties but also awesome concerts provided by our friends at the Republika creative festival, makers of the Share by Night program and the EXIT festival!

3 You Haven’t Seen These Crazy Eastern European Rockstar Startups!

Everyone knows about Rovio and Soundcloud, but how many of you know about the biggest startups in Croatia, Serbia or Bulgaria? Or the maker of the world’s largest football web game, Nordeus, from Serbia? What about the 2 Croatian startups that Dave McClure invested in, Farmeron and WhoAPI? Damn, you need to come to RockPaperStartups and discover the crazy, bootstrapped world of startups east of Berlin!

4 Awesome Food for Your Bootstrapped Belly!

Do you want another damn sandwich or piece of finger food? No you don’t. True startupers have the appetite of a shark and we plan to have you enjoy the best Mediteranian and continental food Croatia and the region can offer!

Beer included

5 Pitch Your Demo Band Startup at Mini Seedcamp Rijeka

In partnership with Seedcamp, Europe’s top startup accelerator according to Techcrunch, we’re organizing Mini Seedcamp Rijeka, the best shot for new startups to pitch in top of the best mentors of the region and Seedcamp’s global mentor network. Also, to network and get some well deserved feedback! The best ones are selected as Seedcamp finalists!


Seedcamp RockPaperStartups

Discover the Selected Seedcamp Startups

6 Get a Pint at Pub Summit Rijeka

In partnership with Europe’s best startup conference, the Dublin Web Summit, we’re organizing the Rijeka Pub Summit! A chance to have a pint with your fellow startupers and more importanly, a chance to submit an application and become a finalist who will pitch in front of over 5,000 attendees at the Web Summit in October!

Dublin Web Summit

Dublin Web Summit RockPaperStartups

7 We’re so close you have to come to Rijeka!

Nobody wants to take hours traveling to some forsaken place and then have just 1-2 boats a week to get back to civilization. Rijeka is one of the most connected cities of Southeastern Europe, by car, train, boat or plane - you can even swim to Rijeka, although we don’t recommend it!

  • 2 hour drive from Zagreb and Ljubljana
  • 5 hours drive from Belgrade and Vienna
  • 7 hours drive from Sarajevo
  • 1 hour flight from London or Berlin

8 Hackathon

Startups and hacking just goes well together, so be a hacking part of the RockPaperStartups hackathon with some great partners and even more interesting challenges. Develope your idea and hack your project to perfection - as much as you can in 24 hours. Do you have what it takes for this gig? We’ll see, rockstar!

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the hackathon. Oh well, next year! :)

9 So What’s The Plan?

The plan is simple, as your eyes can see:

  • July 18th and 19th RockPaperStartups Full Festival Days
  • July 20th Chillout Day

More awesome details soon...

10 [EXTRA] Full Access to the Republica Creative Festival

RockPaperStartups is the “business” partner of the Republika initative, the best creative festival in Southeastern Europe which will feature a creative program featuring the SHARE festival from Belgrade and Beirut, Melbourne’s Pause festival as well as Berlin’s gaming festival Amaze. Oh, and as a RockPaperStartups rockstar, you have full access to Republika! Don’t metion it! ;)

Register for RockPaperStartups

2 full days (July 18th & 19th) for just 70 Euros - what a damn bootstrapped bargain!

Register Now for Just 70 Euros

Reserve Yourself a Room

  • and Hotels: Special reserved RPS hotels in Opatija (right near Rijeka)!
  • Airbnb: Over 400 apartments and rooms in Rijeka and around it!


There’s more...

After Rijeka? Enjoy the Beautiful Croatian Coast

You won’t be leaving Croatia so soon after RockPaperStartups, will you? Here’s some ideas

  • Chill at the coast and go swimming
  • Take a boat and sail across the Adriatic sea
  • Party all night long as a startup teambuilding pivot
  • Bring your family and have fun after (startup) working hours

Rockstar Sponsors

  • Vip

    General sponsor

  • City of Rijeka

    City of Rijeka

    The most innovation-friendly city of Croatia and our wonderful host!

  • .Me


    Official domain name for startup rockstars!

  • BlackBerry


    Official Smartphone

  • Evernote


    Official second brain!

  • Paymill


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  • Erste


    Official bank

  • RSG Capital

    RSG Capital

    Regional Investment Partner

Magnificent Media Partners

  • Jutarnji List
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  • PoslovniPuls
  • Startit
  • TheNextWeb

Production Partners

  • Jamnica


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  • Blagonic Brothers

    Blagonić Brothers

    Rockstar website design & development.

  • Entrio


    Kickass event management and registration.

  • Samsung


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  • Rushmore.fm


    Global Music Partner

  • UX Passion

    UX Passion

    Makers of our awesome Twitter wall, Wall of Tweets.

  • eStudent


    Unbelievably active Croatian student organisation.

  • Kupi Majicu

    Kupi Majicu

    Geeky Fashion Provider

  • Citroen Savska

    Citroen Savska

    Official Rockstar Car

  • Startup Slovenia

    Startup Slovenia

    Partner for Slovenia

  • Sched.org



  • eStudent

    Udruga za promicanje zapošljavanja


  • eStudent