Senior PHP developer (i-Ways)

  • Poslodavac: i-Ways
  • Rok prijave: 29. 4. 2017.
  • Mjesto rada: Zagreb

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i-Ways development and design agency has been active for exactly 3 years and 8 months in Zagreb. So far we’ve launched super complex and beautifully designed webshops, we’ve helped bring to life interesting start-ups and in parallel we’ve been actively engaged by offering development educations and sharing knowledge to students. You can check some of our works on or stop at our office on Heinzelova 62a (Zagreb) and get info from the first hand.


All this mean that we need to add additional memeber to our team. Share your CV on and learn more about the opportunities in i-Ways if you are senior PHP developer.

Your past experience will ideally include working with this platforms or frameworks as a senior developer:

  • Symfony 2+
  • Laravel 4+
  • Magento 1.x
  • CodeIgniter

Even if you haven’t used some of them before, but have strong PHP OOP skills and experience in another PHP framework based on MVC arhitecture, we still want to hear from you!

Your main responsibilities will include backend development of eCommerce modules, various system integration (payment or other external services via API), custom solutions and i-Ways products according to predefined specification.

Involvement in product planning and specification preparation, work transparency and professional communication with partners is also expected.


  • Min. 2 years of demonstrable practical experience in professional PHP development
  • Thorough understanding of OOP principles, practices and common design patterns and practical applications thereof
  • General Linux administration knowledge
  • SSH shell
  • MySQL command-line
  • Apache configuration (.htaccess, virtual hosts, etc.)
  • Code versioning skills in Mercurial and Git (preferably command-line)
  • Strong database skills
  • Table normalization
  • Indexes, relations
  • Query optimizations

Ideally, you will have previous experience in developing or maintaining large applications in high-load, high-availability scenarios, you will have some previous experience with other PHP frameworks and/or you will have a proven track record of being able to adapt to new technologies and a pronounced passion for learning new things.


We have 5 positions to fill, so don’t hesitate to apply and get your dearest colleagues to check this opportunity also!

Join us for new adventures, find out why we have built a TV-studio in our office, get a competitive salary and opportunity to work occasionally from our office in Berlin.

P.S. there is a rumor that we have the best coffee in the city.
We look forward to hear your judgement.